3D Printing

Whether it is serious commercial project or perhaps a bit of fun like these Minecraft themed cookie cutters we recently printed for a child’s birthday. Here at TechCreate we offer a full 3D printing service.


Give us a call on or complete the contact form and we will be in touch to let you know if we can help and to give you a quote.

Ideal for product prototyping we can work with you to help your draw item and then print it out for you.
In a large number of secondary schools in Ireland today students are taking technical graphics for leaving cert and learning to use Solidworks. Why not got the next step and bring in or send us your Solidworks files so we print them out for you using our 3D printer?

You can come to us and collect your finished print or we can provide our 3D printing service by post, and send your 3D prints to you wherever you are.


Here is an example time lapse video of the Ultimaker 2 in use printing out a prototype for a shoe.

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