Laser Cutting Quote

Getting a laser cutting quote

In order to get a laser cutting or engraving quote we will need to have a digital drawing of the project that you want to have made, and details of the materials you want it made from (type and thickness in mm). Each laser cutting quote is then calculated based on laser time and materials cost.

I have a design drawing

Files which have been prepared correctly allow for faster quoting and subsequent manufacture.

To make things easier we’ve put together the following guidelines on what we need and on how to check and correct things before sending your files to us.

File Formats

Accepted file types are dxf, dwg, eps, cdr, pdf, ai and svg.

Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes need to be ignored for cutting, but can be included in your uploaded files providing they use a colour separate from anything else in the file. This will allow you to set the colour (and bounding box) to be ignored.

Important: Failure to remove or ignore the bounding box will likely cause it to be included in calculations, subsequently increasing cutting and shipping costs.

Colour Coding

Different operations are determined by the colour of vectors. By default we use the following colour code;

  • Black (rgb: 0,0,0) = ENGRAVE/FILL
  • Blue (rgb: 0,0,255) = SCORE
  • Red (rgb: 255,0,0) = CUT

These are just a guideline and you can set whichever colours you like, as you have the opportunity to select colours and operations in the quoting tool as well as ignore colours altogether (important for bounding boxes).



Currently our online quoting tool supports the following materials in various thicknesses - if you need something else please contact us:

  • Black Perspex Acrylic
  • White Perspex Acrylic
  • Clear Perspex Acrylic
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Mylar

Once you have your file ready then you can use our quoting tool here:

I don't have a design drawing - just an idea

If you don't have a design drawing then don't worry, our team can create one for you. We charge a flat rate of €25+VAT that covers 30 minutes of design time, which is typically enough for most small projects. When we receive your design request if we determine that it will need longer than this we will be in touch to confirm how much extra time is needed and this will be charged accordingly.

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