Teen Coders Club

The TechCreate Teen Coders club meet every Saturday afternoon. It is a chance for like minded individuals to meet others with a common interest to learn new skills in a relaxed environment.

Club members will work with Python initially and then move on over time on to whatever the group are interested in. We encourage members to work on their own projects. We also introduce BBC microbit for those that want to combine their Python skills with hardware.

Our instructor will be on hand to give ideas and support.

Members will need their own laptops and will be encouraged to spend some of their own time at home working on their projects.

Ages: 14+
Every Saturday 14:30 – 16:00

Payment options

We offer 2 payment options for the club.

Option 1 – the cheapest option is a monthly subscription, this is priced at €55 per month. For this option you register for an online account below with your credit or debit card and you are charged once a month. You are charged on the same day as when you signed up each month.

Best value – Monthly membership of €55 (no minimum commitment, cancel any time)




Option 2 – pay as you go at €15 per session at our facility


  • – Please note that the monthly subscription factors in instructor and members holidays and missed weeks due to sickness, and works out cheaper if your teen attends for 41 weeks of the year or more. We do not therefore offer the ability to pause subscriptions for holidays or the odd missed week.
  • – With either payment option there is no minimum contract and you are free to cancel your membership at any time.
  • – Please note that it is not possible to cancel a subscription and then restart it again within 60 days. If you choose to cancel your subscription then you will be deemed to want to go on the pay as you go option. After 60 days you can opt to return to a subscription.
  • – In the event of too many people wanting to join the club preference for places will be given to those paying by monthly subscription.
  • – We reserve the right to cancel the club for a particular week and in this instance we will endeavour to let you know as much in advance as possible.

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