UV Printing

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is a specialised printing technique that allows a special ink to be applied to a range of substrates, once the ink is applied then UV light is shined onto to print so that it cures and dries hard instantly.

This allows us to print in a high level of full colour detail onto a variety of different materials including wood, plastic, ceramics and some metals.

By combining UV printing with our laser cutting services we can make a huge range of different custom products.

Our UV printer has a working area of 500 * 700 mm and can print the following inks KCMY+WWWW/KCMY+WW+VV

Some ideas of UV Printed Products

uv print phone case

Photo printing onto phone cases

We can print your images on phone cases, airpod cases, laptops or even on to suitcases or bags.

Printing images onto wood and then cutting out shapes to make different things e.g. Jigsaws

Paired with our lasers we can print on wood or acrylic and then cut out the pieces on our laser.

Photo printing onto wood or acrylic sheets to make long lasting keepsakes

Looking for a unique gift for a hard to buy for relative? We can take good quality photo you have and print it onto any wooden object.

uv print braille

Textured printing

We can also print textures, so for example we can print raised letters or braille onto various materials.

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