Children’s Coding Academy back In Studio

From the 6th November 2021 we will be relaunching our children's coding classes with our new 'Kids Coding Academy'.

Since this time last year we have been running all coding classes online via Zoom. We are excited to get back to real life classes.

We've been running coding classes for the last 6 years and in that time its fair to say things have moved on and we have learnt a lot.

We have recently invested in a new Learning Management System which brings the following benefits:

Customised Learning

Each child who attends our classes is assigned a curriculum to match the level that they are at. We realise each child learns at their own pace so this will mean no one gets left behind and faster learners aren't held back.

Greater visibility for parents

All parents will get their own login to their child's account, this means they can see the progress they have been making and feedback from instructors.

Various class times

If you are like most busy parents then you are juggling work, other kids activities and all that goes with it. This is why we have flexible class times. You can pick how many times a week you come and when.

Broader range of technologies

We now offer more variety. As well as Scratch and Python we now have Roblox, Unity and Web development.

Catch up sessions

We realise that life sometimes gets in the way and you might miss a class. Before that might have meant falling behind. Now you can just book in for an extra catch up session at no extra cost.

Blended Learning

Everyone learns in different ways. That is why at TechCreate we offer 3 ways for your child to learn. Core content is delivered through our learning platform and then our instructors are on hand to help explain things if your child gets stuck. Finally we encourage children to help each other and reward them when they do. Great for building teamwork skills!

With the huge growth in technology careers that Ireland is seeing, mainstream education simply cannot keep up. We need to ensure our children don't get left behind. We are proud to be playing our part in improving children's digital literacy and putting them in the best possible position for careers of the future.

To learn more or to book a free trial class please go here