February 1


Kids coding classes get off to a good start at TechCreate


Our first kids coding classes have kicked off, and we have now completed the second week of the initial 6 week beginners class. The children are using Ozobots which are small robots that can be controlled either by following coloured lines or by a block based coding tool called Ozoblocky.

Our beginners kids coding classes use these tools to convey basic programming terminology such as loops and logic in a fun and interactive way. This is perfect for beginners and does not require heavy use of mathematics which might be a struggle for some younger children to understand. The Ozoblocky methodology also provides a structured approach to learning coding in an environment that is ‘game like’ which means the children don’t realise they are learning and enjoy the experience.

We keep class ratios low, with a maximum of 10 children per instructor which means that each child can get the assistance that they require to get to grips with the principles of coding. It is important for children to feel confident as they learn, and the Ozobots are a great way for them to see immediate results with what they are learning. Less interactive ways of learning coding can be demotivating for children.

Children who enjoy our kids coding classes for beginners will then be able to progress to our intermediate class which will introduce them to the Python programming language. In this more advanced class students will learn how to program using Python and complete a project to make a game. Python is a good language for first timers and is open source which means that is very much accessible to all.

Details of upcoming Kids coding classes can be found here as we roll out extra courses and classes throughout the year to suit children of all ages and abilities.



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