June 7


Laser Cut Art Wood

One of our recent customers, artist Mary Ronayne, came to us with a special request for laser cut art wood. Mary uses these in her artwork to add extra depth and texture. Mary specified the laser cut art wood shapes that she needed and we were then able to cut them out for her on our laser.

Here are some of Mary’s finished pieces.


laser cut art wood
















These will be on display at the Dock Art Gallery in Leitrim

Here is a summary of the exhibition from the Gallery.

“Mary Ronayne collects imagery from a wide variety of sources and eras, and works from divergent histories and narratives. There is a playful Hogarthian quality to her painting and always the suggestion that behind the farcical lies satire and allegory. She creates an illusion of blithe, cartoonish characters, which are re-telling tales and influenced by vaguely familiar references. Her preferred choice of materials is gooey, enamel paint. She paints on irregular shaped surfaces which are exhibited as singular objects or clusters, hung in layers over wall paintings and on colourful grounds. When installed for exhibition, the varied subjects form a discordant and intriguing collection of works, which are familiar and domestic but which are not quite disclosing themselves. Renaissance imagery is positioned alongside reconstructed imagery of grand and ordinary domestic interiors, early Irish history and folklore clash with ‘ugly’ mid-20th century ceramics. Her work is highly influenced by her interest in literature. “


For any other artists looking for laser cut art wood then please contact us and we can work with you to create custom items to meet your exact needs.



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