February 7


Laser Cut Conference and Event Badges

Are you an event organiser? Need conference or event badges? Or perhaps you’re going to be running a trade show?laser cut wooden conference badge
If so then our custom laser cut and engraved conference or  event badges are a must have. We can help to make your event stand out from the competition. Custom make event badges can be made in a variety of materials, and colours.

The shape of the badge can be designed to fit in with the theme of your event. For example if your event is a dog show then why not let us create a dog shaped badge?!

Or for a home show then a event badge shaped like a house would be an obvious suggestion, really the options are unlimited. We are here to help you create something different and unique for your event.

We can work with you to design something bespoke that hasn’t been seen at previous events.

In particular we can incorporate a unique design into the badge that turns it into a must have item and high quality souvenir long aflaser cut acrylic event badgeter the event has occurred.

As we make everything in house in our studio then there is no limit on how many badges you can order, get in touch today for a quote and we’d be happy to help you make your event the one to remember this year!

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