October 26


Product Prototyping for Lightly Technologies

Here is an example of our product prototyping service. In early 2017 Matt Hanbury from Lightly Technologies contacted us looking for assistance with prototyping a new type of lighting technology.

Over 18 months or so we worked with Matt and created laser cut and 3D printed parts that helped him to fine tune his new range of lighting. This culminated in the launch of Hikari SQ which is an ultra-thin LED light source that delivers remarkable performance.

Hikari SQ is a highly versatile lighting component for architectural and decorative lighting projects and luminaire designs. We have added some examples of locations and uses of our technology below to provide you with some inspiration. To learn more please visit www.lightly.tech.

It was a pleasure working with Matt and helping him to develop his product. We also helped him create display units, including the impressive Lightly branded light box, that where used to show off the Hikari SQ at a recent trade event.

Material Sourcing

We were able to source a variety of different acrylics of different colours, transparency and thickness to support the product prototyping stages needed to find the best materials. These acrylics were then laser cut by us in a variety of shapes, again to support the design process.

How we can help you

If you have a product in mind that you need help with product prototyping then please get in touch. We love to help creatives and entrepreneurs to realise their product goals. With our expertise in digital design and laser cutting and engraving and 3D printing we can help you get your product to market much faster. We are also happy to sign NDA’s and keep our customers designs and projects private (this was the case with lightly.tech until their product was brought to market).

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your product prototyping needs here.


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