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STEAM Education in Ireland at TechCreate

Here are TechCreate we are committed to developing STEAM education in Ireland. We have developed a range of classes and clubs to suit children aged 8-13 that enrich their education on top of what is available in mainstream education in schools.
STEAM Education In Ireland

Starting with our Beginners Kids Coding Class children from as young as 8 can learn basic coding concepts using our fun and interactive Ozobot robots and Ozoblocky coding tool.

After completing this those kids with the aptitude and interest in coding can then progress on to the Intermediate Kids Coding Class where they will start to learn the Python programming language. For kids that aren’t interested in coding they have the option to join our Maker Club or Tech Skills Club.

Maker Club introduces them to digital fabrication and each week they get to work on instructor led projects which explore Laser Cutting, 3D printing, art and design.

Tech Skills Club is for kids that want to develop other computer skills. It offers familiarity with a full range of real world IT skills from word processing to video editing.

Kids who complete our Intermediate Kids Coding Class can then join our Coding Club where they can further develop their Python coding skills and work on their own projects with support from our instructor. They also have the option to join our Pi Club where they will learn about electronics and how it can be combined with Raspberry Pi.

Finally we believe that typing and keyboarding skills are very important for kids as everything becomes digital. To aid this we offer a free online typing club that all kids who attend our classes and clubs get free access to.

We deliver all of these courses and camps at our facility in Clane and also offer taster sessions which we deliver on Libraries and schools around the country. We will be expanding our reach and network over the coming years to include other parts of the country. STEAM Education in Ireland is here to stay and at TechCreate we want to be at the forefront.



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