August 29


Why STEM is Important for the Future

why STEM is important

The reasons why STEM is important for the future are so numerous that it’s hard to condense into one concise article. We know that STEM – short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics – pervades every area of our lives, and that it is vital for the continued progression of our society. Each day we learn more about the world around us, and how our contributions to STEM are vital to our success.

However, there are many other reasons why STEM is important for the future – particularly the accessibility of STEM education to groups who have traditionally been excluded in the past, as well as the value of STEM education to children and young people.

Why STEM is important for the future – diversity

To begin with, STEM are fields that have been traditionally dominated by men, particularly white men from wealthy families. Improving access to STEM-related fields for more diverse groups is absolutely vital to continued learning and progression; the input of those who have been excluded so often is incredibly valuable and is already proving to have diversified our knowledge across the world. STEM bridges ethnic, gender and cultural gaps, therefore it makes perfect sense that making STEM accessible to young people, particularly young children, is paving the way to a diverse, accepting future. We want futures in STEM to be considered by young people of all genders, all cultures, and from all different backgrounds.

Why STEM is important for the future – self-sufficiency in a technological age

STEM branches into every aspect of our lives. Even those of us who follow an entirely different route will still surely find ourselves in need of technological skills, at least. Small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, will all find themselves in a stronger and better position with the skills in place to be able to design and develop products, or even just their own websites. Giving young people a grounding in STEM gives them more choice and knowledge as they move forward; the kids in our coding classes may not all go on to a career in programming, but they will come away armed with the knowledge to create for themselves, and for people they know. The world is changing – fast – and it’s important that we continue to keep up in order to thrive within it.

At TechCreate we are passionate about what we do, and we exist because we wanted to share that passion with the rest of the world. We wanted to do our bit to make technology accessible to as many people as possible, and to help arm people with the skills necessary to develop their art, their business, or just to have fun!

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