March 16


Why your Childen should Learn How to Code

CodingWith talk of computer programming being introduced into the national curriculum for primary school ­aged children, code fever is starting to hit parents (and kids) across the country – and for good reason. Computer science is the future, and without a basic knowledge, our children could be at a disadvantage.

In this article we will go over some of the many reasons why your children should learn how to code.

Preparation for the Future

Not only is computer programming one of the fastest growing career sectors in the world, programming languages themselves are the most important languages we speak. An increasingly digital world requires an increased digital knowledge for those who will traverse it. Teaching children how to code means that they will already have a basic knowledge of what makes our world go round, and this is important for their success. An understanding of how things work in the way they do, how they were created and why, are important even for those who don’t pursue a career in computer science.

Career Choice

Many adults are now taking part in crash­ courses in programming and web development as a means to change their careers, earn more money or progress within their companies, and these courses don’t come cheap. People are realising now that computer science is the future. Of course every child won’t be a coding genius, in the same way that every biology student won’t be a doctor, but giving children a chance early on to figure out if they have an aptitude for coding (and if they enjoy it) will open up their future options. Additionally, learning to code fosters logic ­based thinking processes – this is a positive outcome for every child, regardless of their future plans. In the same way that we want our children to learn different languages when they are young, due to the proven educational benefits, learning coding languages can have the same positive effect.

Creativity and Empowerment

Coding opens up a world of limitless possibility, where anything and everything is possible. There are no constraints on creativity, and yet all that is needed is some kind of device to code on. The kids who love consoles can work on their own games, others can build websites from scratch, the list goes on and on. Putting that power and skill in the hands of our children is an incredibly empowering thing for them, allowing them to express themselves independently.

Improved Capacity for Learning

It is inevitable that, at some point in their lives, your child will have to get to grips with some kind of coding, whether that’s as part of their careers or simply the need to build a website for their own business. When we are young we are much more receptive to learning new things than we are as adults, therefore it’s the perfect time to introduce them to the digital languages that shape our world.

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