October 15


Kids STEM Classes and Learning

kids STEM classesEveryone knows the world is rapidly changing, technologies that we take for granted today didn’t exist a few years ago. We have all seen toddlers swiping on tablets and often times our kids know more about how to work the latest gadgets than we do.

Unfortunately our education system is struggling to keep up. Government bureaucracy is leading to curriculums in our schools that are increasingly out of touch with what is needed in the ‘real world’.

We all want to give our kids the best chance of success, to equip them as best we can for this rapidly changing world.

At TechCreate we believe in making education fun and we have developed Kids STEM Classes into something that kids, once shown the basics, can explore in their own way. We want to take away the rigidity of an antiquated curriculum designed for the last century and replace it with a fun, creative learning environment.

This is done in 2 ways, through our kids classes, clubs and mini camps, which run from 1.5 hour sessions during school term time up to week long camps in the school holidays.

TechCreate also offer birthday parties which are a bit different from the norm. Our parties give kids a chance to explore something new in a fun environment.

We want to help nurture the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future and our Kids STEM Classes go someway towards that.

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