September 21


Laser Engraving at TechCreate, Clane, Co.Kildare

Laser engraving is a highly versatile means of personalising just about anything. From signage and awards, to gifts and model-making, laser engraving allows you to put your personal stamp on a huge range of materials.

How does laser engraving work?

‘Laser’ stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.’ A laser beam is created by using mirrors and lenses to focus the laser light, creating a tool that is not only precise but that will never wear out. There are different types of laser used for different materials, with some suited to many.

What can I do with laser engraving?

The only limit to this is your imagination!

At TechCreate, with either a DIY membership or through our Done For You service, you can personalise almost anything for any purpose. You may wish to have a special glass object engraved as a gift, or to create an eye-catching sign, or even an award!

‘Tech tattooing’ is a popular way to use laser engraving, in which we can decorate and modify your devices (such as iPad, phones and tablets). Using a CO2 laser engraver, we etch away the anodised surface of your device, leaving a new finish beneath and creating a unique, beautiful, personal design. Whatever you want, our machines can create it!

What if I don’t know how to carry out laser engraving?

You don’t have to – at TechCreate we offer a Done For You service, whereby we can make your vision a reality without you ever needing to know how our machines are operated. However, with a membership, you are welcome to learn to use the equipment yourself and get stuck in to laser engraving, as well as a whole host of other skills.

The beauty of digital fabrication is the speed, pinpoint accuracy and consistently high quality outcomes. With laser engraving, you can etch your dream design, your name, or anything else you like, wherever it’s needed!

As well as laser engraving, a TechCreate membership will gain you access to the following:

• 3D Printing – create absolutely anything using our 3D printer. From design prototypes, to children’s party decorations, the sky is the limit!
• Adult Maker Workshops – here you will learn 2D digital drawing for using our laser cutter/engraver, and 3D drawing with a view to using the 3D printer.
• Kids camps and coding masterclasses

At TechCreate we have a real passion for learning, and to help others expand their creativity into pieces of art. Call us today to find out more about laser engraving – and many other things!

See more videos about our Makerspace on our YouTube Channel

Learn more about our laser cutting and engraving services here

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