June 17


Programming Classes in Kildare

At TechCreate, we offer coding classes to teens who are looking to supplement what they’re learning in school, or who simply have a thirst for all things tech! We all know kids can change their minds a thousand times when it comes to their future career path, but we also know that coding skills are highly sought after and very transferable. Your teen may want to go down the road of being a professional programmer, building websites, games and much more, however even if they don’t these valuable skills will definitely come in handy.

Without web development skills, starting (and maintaining) your business’s online presence can be more difficult. Being able to create and edit your own website, rather than having to pay someone to do it for you, can save you a lot of money and stress. Plus, if something goes wrong and your site
goes down, being able to locate and solve the problem means you’ll be back up and running in no time. Programming classes in Kildare can give you full control over your online presence – and this is priceless!

Web development is also a fantastic career to pursue in a freelance capacity. Many of us dream of being able to be in charge of our own hours and to be able to work from home if needed, and programming is a usefully well-paid area to go into. Programming classes can start setting your teen up to be a successful freelancer, or even just give them skills to fall back on if they decide to try something else further down the line.

For programming classes in Kildare, look no further than TechCreate. We offer a range of programming classes in Kildare for kids and teens, and we are always looking to add more courses to our books dependent on demand – so feel free to contact us if you’d like us to offer something new!

As well as programming classes in Kildare, we offer a huge range of facilities for all ages and abilities.

With membership, you can learn to use our equipment for your own projects, or you can take advantage of our Done for You service. We also have our Drop In and Make days for if you can’t decide whether to take a membership or not, and just want to try things out.

Along with our coding classes we also offer other kids STEM activities

So whether you want to unleash your creative side, or simply pass on your brief to somebody skilled to carry out for you, TechCreate is your first stop for programming classes in Kildare – and more!

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