October 9


Start a Laser Cutting Business

Have you ever thought of starting a laser cutting business? It can be a great opportunity for extra income with plenty of different market niches to satisfy.

We are happy to have helped work with lots of people to start many of these types of businesses over the years, including:

  • Custom Jewelry
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Bespoke Signs
  • 3D number plates
  • Personalised pet products
  • 3D Nautical maps

Starting a business can be risky so we have developed ways to help small businesses get started with minimum costs while they test the market.

Product Design and Prototyping

It all starts with an idea. Maybe you have seen a similar product online or overseas and you want to make and sell something similar with your own twist.

We can help you make an initial prototype that you can then use to test the market. Nowadays with social media it can be very easy to get your product in front of your market. You can create a website and sell your products online. We have helped plenty of people do this, so they can grow even if they have a day job or family commitments.

Your manufacturing partner

We can then make components or even finished products for you to then market and sell. For some of our customers we make part of their products which they then paint or assemble. For others we make the finished product on a wholesale basis for them to mark up and retail. We have a lot of experience in doing this so come and talk to us!

Laser Sales and Training

Some of our customers have grown their businesses with our help and then decided to bring their manufacturing in house. We are the Irish Distributor for Thunder laser and we can help you purchase the right laser cutting machine for your business. You can see our dedicated Thunder Laser Ireland website to learn more about these machines. These are the same lasers with use in our business and we can train you to use them so that you can make your own products.

Ongoing training and Materials Sales

As your business evolves and you want to grow your laser skills then we can provide additional training. We also have a separate warehouse where we store a large quantity of materials for use with your laser. You can see more about this on our Laser Materials website

Starting a business with us helping you doesn’t have to be massively expensive. We’ve helped people get started with limited budgets, often less than €500. By working with us you get the benefit of using our thousands of euro worth of equipment, know how and supplies that can be put to use to help you grow.

We love nothing more than seeing startup entrepreneurs develop businesses generating full time incomes from an idea they had a year or two before.

Another great resource for those looking to start a laser business is Laser Business Academy, this has a growing number of resources and is worth checking out!

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and if you want to start a laser cutting business we look forward to helping you.

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